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Welcome to our curated corner of travel essentials and inspirations. As we journey through picturesque landscapes and vibrant cultures, we’ll be handpicking a range of products that echo the spirit of the open road. From innovative travel gadgets to heartwarming decor, every item will tell a story. And for those moments of reflection, our 1-minute meditations await to guide you to inner tranquility. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting your adventure, our shop will be a treasure trove of discoveries.

This page contains products that might have affiliate links. This means that when you click on a link for a product or service that we recommend on and make a purchase, we get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. This helps us keep the website and Happy Life On Wheels rolling.

Happy Life Essentials

Products like these we use, nearly on a daily basis.


Ecoflow Solar Generator

With our daily companion, the EcoFlow Solar Generator, we keep our devices charged and even power our water heater for warm showers. It also comes in handy when our fridge and freezer need a boost if we’re out of gas.

It’s not just about appliances – the generator also runs our 12-volt system and our clothes steamer, smoothing out any wrinkles in our travel attire.

Supplementing our energy supply, we use the EcoFlow 400W Foldable Solar Panels. In direct sunlight, along with the EcoFlow Pro, they can power our air conditioner, making those hot summer days more bearable.

For those occasions when we’re near an electrical outlet, the EcoFlow Pro can be charged directly. Looking ahead, we’re planning to invest in the EcoFlow EV adapter. This will allow us to tap into electric car chargers – a handy feature for those overcast or stormy weeks.

Thanks for being part of our HappyLifeOnWheels journey. Here’s to power-packed, sunny travels with EcoFlow.

Ecoflow Pro solar generator with 4oo watt solar panel

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