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Wireless Reversing Camera


A wireless reversing camera makes towing a caravan or driving a motorhome that little bit easier. We actually have ours setup so that the camera is on all the time. Usually when you drive with a caravan you tend to not know if you have another vehicle directly behind you unless you happen to catch them in a mirror as you're going around a bend. If we see a view or somewhere we wanted to see, we wanted to be able to stop quickly. Before the reversing camera we wasn't able to do this safely but know we always know when someone is hiding directly behind us.

Not to mention what a reversing camera is actually meant for, reversing! It makes life easier when reversing. You can see what's directly behind you, be it a person, a vehicle, or when simply parking.

You're meant to wire the reversing camera into the reversing light of the caravan or motorhome so that it turns on when you select reverse. We wanted to have the camera on all the time so that we could always see behind us when driving. To do this, you can either wire it into one of your back lights, as they tend to always be on with a caravan. We actually plug our reversing camera into our little EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station and place the camera looking out of the back window of the caravan. It was meant to be temporary but its been working for us for nearly a year without any problems.