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Happy Life On Wheels

An English man, a Brazilian woman and a Spanish dog living full time and travelling around Europe in their caravan-home.

Today is day 0 since our Happy Life On Wheels adventures begun!

Introducing Our Travellenium Falcón

Our caravan is a Burstner 455tk.  

This is The Way

Livy, Reed and Chewie

About Us

Livany is a Brazilian journalist and singer. She originally came to Spain in mid-2015 just to study marketing and explore a little of Europe. Instead, she met me in Spanish class at the beginning of 2016, and Spain became her home.

I’ve been living in Spain since 2006, kinda fell into gardening and swimming pool maintenance which turned into a mini business, which in 2022 I completely gave up due to a dodgy back and to begin our Happy Life On Wheels.

Our mission is to inspire and guide those who seek the freedom and joy of an alternative, mobile lifestyle.

We are dedicated to exploring and celebrating the diverse ways of living and traveling on wheels, offering a fresh perspective on life beyond conventional boundaries. Our platform is a treasure trove of resources for adventurers, lifestyle enthusiasts, and anyone aspiring to a life filled with exploration and discovery. We also recognize the importance of eco-friendly practices and are committed to sharing sustainable travel tips and methods. Our content, rich in personal experiences and insights, is designed to empower our community with practical information, inspiring destination guides, and stories of life on the road. At, we champion a life of adventure, learning, and happiness, supported by a conscious respect for our natural environment and a strong sense of community among those who choose the road less traveled.

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