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Dashcam With Handy Hitch Cam


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While you're traveling around different countries it's always a good idea to have a dashcam, especially while towing a caravan. You're never too sure how someone will react if they happen to get stuck behind your home on wheels. It only takes a small laps in judgment for an overtake to go wrong. Plus, you never know if someone will randomly break when you're not expecting them to and you find yourself trying to stop yourself and your home on wheels from a accident.

This dashcam has the added handy feature of having a separate camera that can be fitted to the rear of the your car. It might not seem to useful having a camera at the rear of your car while towing a caravan but we yours ours to easily align the to bar with the hitch.

In some countries it is illegal to have a dashcam, so check on the laws in the countries you're visiting.


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