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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station


  • 3.6-25kWh expandable capacity.
  • 3600W-7200W AC output for 99% appliances.
  • Incredible 6500W MultiCharge, 2.7 hours AC charging.
  • Recharge your RV and EV anytime, anywhere.
  • Industry first: recharge at thousands of EV stations worldwide.
  • Long-lasting LFP battery supports up to 10 years.

We have the Ecoflow DELTA pro Solar Generator ourselves. It lives happily in the back of our car and has been powering our caravan for nearly a year. It can literally run everything from recharging laptops and phones to running the 240v Truma water heater and even the fridge. Although, we do keep to gas as much as possible, it's nice knowing if the gas runs out we have a backup. We also have the 400watt Ecoflow foldable solar panel, which on a nice sunny day will keep the Ecoflow DELTA pro Solar Generator topped up.

We wanted our setup to be as mobile as us. There is certainly cheaper alternatives but we wanted the option to be able to take the Ecoflow DELTA pro Solar Generator with us if we ever decided to sell the caravan and buy another or a motorhome. Something you can't do easily with a fitted system.

If you're looking to go off-grid you can't really go wrong with the Ecoflow DELTA pro Solar Generator.


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